As a design-strategist I'm curious and always striving for improvement, with the focus on the big picture and the strategy how to get there.

About me

Design strategist and Creative leader

From my design educational background, I have received a fully occupied creative toolbox wish makes me able to create an end to end design experience.

But from day one in my professional design carrier my interest and focus has been around the bigger “why?” and “how to get there". I have also a deep devotion to sharpen my design process and been fascinated by the impact one could have on the output by just controlling the starting point/scope and giving it that gentle "along the way" creative coordination.


Core Arias of expertise: Creative leadership, Art directing, Brand & Design strategy, User centred design design process, Design project coordination and Design management.


"Building diverse and strong teams and giving them the right circumstances and motivators, has always been my aim and motto."

Building strong teams Durring my time at FLIR Industrial I lead the mission of growing the internal team from being at one point only me as the active internal designer to building a multinational team of 9-12 people. A team that under my Creative Leadership has generated a number of acclaimed and award-winning products / services. Successes that are also clearly reflected in sales results and customer satisfaction.

Design Management | My passion for design management has developed along with me firsthand experience & seeing the impact it can have on an organisation, brand and team output. Along the journey I have constantly trained and sharpened my managerial skills and tried to master the difficult art of creative leadership. Both in practice, but also by attended number of insightful development coursers and educations.

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Leadership Courses & Education 

2018 Lead for Change 

2017 UGL Management and team leading training

2016 GROW Design Management Education


Awards & Recognition

 Awarded projects that I have been Art & Creative Directing.

Design Award 


2020 IF Design Award FLIR TG-Series

2018 Red Dot Award “Best of the Best” FLIR T-Series

2017 Red Dot Award “Best of the Best” FLIR E-Series

2016 Red Dot Award FLIR C-Series

2015 IBO Design Award FLIR Fido X2


UID Advanced Product Design Collaborations 

Guest Lecturing & Tutoring at the Design University

UNIVERSITY COLLABORATIONS | 2017 I initiated a collaboration with UID Advanced Product Design University in Umeå.  


2019 Leading collaboration project UID/FLIR. 

2018 Guest lecturing a course in research and design methodology.

2018 Mentored a master project degree project sponsored by FLIR.

2017 Leading collaboration project UID/FLIR