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Are you a Medium Sized Company that would like to become even more Purpose Driven and curious to understand where you stand on the Design Maturity Ladder and what you need to do to getting up the next step? 

Design Strategy |  Brand Management | Design Leadership | Design Methodology   

Are you a Smaller Company or Startup that don't have the resources yet of having an internal Brand Manager or Design & Innovation Strategist, but maybe right now be wondering how to get started anyway?

Are you the Larger Player that would like to engage in becoming a more User Oriented and Design Driven company and foster and promote a Design Culture to make shore that you are maintaining your competitive advantage? 

Design strategist and Creative leader|I could help you succeed with your brand, design & innovation ambitions on operativ, tactical and strategic level. Together we'll find the best suitable engagement to best serve your specific challenges and needs.

Design Evaluation & Mentoring | Where are you on the design maturity ladder? What is the next design evolvement challenge for your company. Let me help you in making an assessment and review. From that we'll draw out an action-plan together and I will help you along the way and making shore that we reach your goals.

Guest speaker & Courses | Do you need some inspiration to get yourself going or boost your in your current situation? Or maybe you just found something in here that you would like me to explain more in depth? I would love to design an inspirational presentation or make a workshop around the things that you believe is most relevant. 

Building Your internal or External Team | Are you about to build or thinking of expanding your internal creative resources. I'll help you tailor your team. Through my network I could also take on projects by organising a saturable temporarily external design teams, hand picked for your specific job. 

Operative Support | You maybe have more specific areas or operative optimisation that you need support with, to give some examples: Maybe you just need help in how to formulating a more efficient design brief or mission statement to optimise outcome and minimize wast in your upcoming design & development projects. Or you may need more handson help in leading and creative directing the design process in a certain project.

Design Strategy  

In the following sections I briefly elaborate on some design Strategical arias.  

Where are your company located on the design maturity ladder?

A company's design maturity | The first design maturity ladder was developed by the danish design center 2001 and is 20+ years later still very relevant when it comes to evaluating a company's design and innovation strategy. Below this section I will briefly mention some of the most important steps in evolving to a more design oriented company.

Where are your company on the design maturity ladder?

Design Methodology

 The design process is never a linjer process and never the other alike. 

Double diamond | The design process is never a straightforward process as I try to illustrate with the scribbly graphics above. But if trying to theoretically describe and discuss the process I think the double diamond makes a good job of illustrate the fundamentals of the process. It visualises the divergent and the convergent phases very well. It also pedagogically emphasises and explains the two different 

"Diamonds" (Parts) of the process. First part is to really understanding and research what to do. Second part is to design that right. It’s not very uncommon that the first Dimond is not that very present in a company's design/development process. In my experience this may lead to actually missing the real problem and in that way risk not to serve the true user/customer needs. And in the end cost you in market shares and loss in competitiveness when others does this right. 

I believe the key-factors of our successes is that we always have the focus on the true user's needs, and never start to create before we have a clearly defined and communicated problem and challenge statement.

Products designed with the customer in mind

The research that goes behind every great product & service design

Trough user observations, discussions/interviews, contextual studies and in many cases we will conduct in-bodied and self experienced exercises i co-creation with users. We also rune surveys and measure/analys user-data and activities. And we conduct CX monitoring and evaluations after launches- (how well did we do, finding clues to make it even better).

User experience | Understanding your users is the key to solving your customers needs and to feed your innovation development process. As UX designers we are experts at finding and defining unmeet/unspoken user needs and desires. To then translate them into new innovative ideas and solutions. We combine different techniques to gather this insight bringing information: 

Brand Identity   

Your brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your customers.

Design guidelines & Branding | One of the most important foundations of a company's Design strategy is to align and harmonise its branding expression and experience. Building your experience identity from your core DNA, history and fundamental core values is the ultimate way of communicating them to your customer and users. When this is done right it is manifested through out all of the companies touch points making them your unique Brand experience.

When defined it could be documented and communicated in design guides and visual identity documents. Important note though, you always need to evolve your experience. Mening that the Design language, expression and experience is always a work-in-progress that needs to be adapted to the ever changing circumstances to stay up to date and contemporary.

One product experience

One Experience through all touch points | It's the total sum of harmonised Brand touch points that makes the difference. In the design/branding strategy the product and digital design harmonisation is only a fraction of when it's really matters. It's when taking the entire customer experience journey in

account that you really can bridges the gaps and that you achieve the difficult task of building a strong cohesive end to end/renewed brand experience. 

Design Management

Creative lead | Teams, process and content

Leading teams & leading content | Today most organisations have to navigate themselves towards a innovation culture and at the same time also strengthen and maintain the brand experience and secure it's uniqueness on the market to keep there competitive advantage. This is where strong creative leaders can make a big difference in leading both teams, processes and content. 

"Building diverse and strong teams and giving them the right circumstances and motivators, has always been my aim and motto."